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Santa Clara commercial roofing company are a full service commercial, residential, and industrial roof contractor. Our team can perform roof replacements, repairs of any sizes, preventative maintenance, and other services to make sure that your business stays operational.
Our team will work alongside building owners, facility managers, and home owners to properly solve any of your roofing problems. Our expert roofing technicians have been providing Santa Clara businesses and homes with expert commercial and flat roofing services .

Commercial Santa Clara Roofing Services
Santa Clara Commercial Roofing offers a wide range of commercial roofing services to businesses in and around Santa Clara. Or services include:
Commercial roof repair
Commercial roof replacement
Removal of vegetation
Removal of ponding water
Moisture surveys
Asbestos analysis
Core analysis
Other diagnostic services

Customer service:
Many a times, if you want to do something about roofing, you call the company and they will tell you an estimate cost about it. Which apparently changes a lot after the roofing is done. And this is one of the biggest sources of customer disappointment. But here at Santa Clara’s Roofing Company, we are quite non-orthodox. For us, it’s our customer first and the profit second. One of our personnel will personally come to your house, assess it and then give you a proper estimate. And you know this estimate is very close to the actual value because our person has done his homework right. This work is quite reliable and for you this will be a great source of learning because our man will be explaining things to you as he see them therefore you will be learning about roofing a little bit as well. Therefore, we are quite focused on the point of quality at a reasonable price


Quality Roofing Contractor:
Here at Santa Clara Roofing Company, quality is of utmost importance. We are roofing contractors who not only do new installation of roofing but also repairs on it. And if some roofing needs replacement we can also perform that. Doing the work with dedication is in own top priority charts.
Our personnel are experienced and this experience when brought on the actual work brings fruit, and this fruit is in the form of Service Awards who are the proofs of our utmost dedication.
We always use quality materials in our work and through proper installation and ventilation the overall utility cost is reduced.
Our top quality materials including algae resistant and waterproofing products keep your roofs healthy for many years. Believe me; work done by us and you will have a life of ease for many a time to come. We provide our facilities in Santa Claraand further contact info can be found on the website.
No Obligation
Why wait? If you have been thinking about a new roof or new siding installation, installing more efficient windows, more effective gutters, or even taking care of an existing repair, give us a call! We know that you will enjoy meeting with our superior craftsman. We are offering you a straightforward, no gimmicks, no-obligation, free inspection and estimate. You won’t have to deal with any high-pressure salespeople, and you’ll know that you’re protected by our superb reputation and 100% guarantee on all our work. Give us a call today at

Our services:
Roof Replacement Siding Repairs Chimney Repairs & Flashing EPDM Rubber Roofing Flat Roofs Gutters & Leaders Leak Repairs Plywood Deterioration Shingle Roofing Skylights (Installation & Repairs) Vinyl Siding Windows

Our Review

24 Nov 2015
Roofing Repair Santa Clara

Santa Clara Roofing

Roofing Repair Santa Clara

I was very tentative getting the roof on my stables done, as horses, nails and sharp debris do not bode well together, my concerns were taken very seriously by Santa Clara roofing and to date I have yet to find any nails or debris and that's not through lack of trying, their quality of work matches their behaviour, great job.!

17 Dec 2015
Roofing Repair Santa Clara

Santa Clara Roofing

Roofing Repair Santa Clara

"Thank you for the sterling job you did on our roof, we are thrilled with the end result, you are a credit to your profession."
- Mr Donavan, Santa Clara.

Warburton Ave, Santa Clara 95050

Telephone: 408-248-1111


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Roofing Repair Santa Clara

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